Center for urban Energy Systems of Korean Institute of Science and Technology has conducted projects of high speed motor system development and eco-friendly high rotating system study with NASA. We have accelerated to develop eco-friendly high efficiency generation system and technology of Turbopump elements as the heart of Space launch vehicle. Center for urban Energy Systems of Korean Institute of Science and Technology is recruiting Research engineer and Research trainee for following positions.

1. Recruitment Positions
- High speed motor and co-generation system
- Space Rocket Turbopump ball bearings

2. Research fields
- High speed motor and fluid mechanism / Dynamics
- Brush seal for fluid machine and dynamic characteristic of fluid dynamic bearing
- Micro gas turbine generator
- Cryogenic ball bearing for Space Rocket Turbopump
- Hybrid bearing combined with foil bearing and magnetic bearing

3. Applicant Eligibility
- Undergraduate senior student who interest to go to a graduate school or M.S., Ph.D.

4. Work Experience and Priority
- Excellent student in major who interest in the above research fields
- Possibility that go to a graduate school at applicants desire (support for all educational expenses and a part of living expenses)

5. Submission Documents
- A copy of each transcript for entire undergraduate and graduate school
- A letter of self-introduction (free form)

6. Submission Method
- E-mailing submission documents to

7. Salary for research trainee and engineer
- 500,000~800,000 won a month (more than ten hours each week/for research trainee)
- Salary that is negotiable depending on ability and level of contribution(for fulltime worker)

For more information, please contact to
Choe, Bokseong +82-2-958-5665